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Heart of the Home

The kitchen is the heart of every home. It’s where we eat and celebrate, argue with and love each other. Our Community Stars from Poland, Germany, Italy and Portugal can tell you a thing or two about it. We asked twelve of them why they love this room and how they are always inspired to create new delicacies.

Community Stars exist in the four countries Poland, Germany, Italy and Portugal.

Poland : Smacznego!

“I love my kitchen because I can relax here while I cook.”

Wojciech Siudowski  

Age: 43

Favorite recipe: Dumplings

Wojciech Siudowski is 43 years old and enjoys leafing through old cookbooks. But he also enjoys being inspired by Cookidoo® or creating something completely new himself.

“I love my kitchen because this room is associated with relaxation, great moments and great taste experiences.”

Sławomir Zabawa 

Favorite recipe: Stuffed cabbage in tomato sauce

Sławomir Zabawa (46) likes to reinterpret familiar dishes.

“I love my kitchen because I can prepare delicious meals for my family in it and try out new flavors.”

Klaudia Zwatrzko 

Favorite recipe: Risotto with seafood

Klaudia Zwatrzko is 36 years old. She likes to give familiar recipes a new twist or combine them in unusual ways.

“I love my kitchen because it’s brand new and freshly renovated – and I can finally do live cooking shows again for my followers on social media.”

Anna Kisiała-Cedro 

Favorite recipe: Argentinean empanadas with aja (based on the recipe from her Colombian friend Caesar).

45-year-old Anna Kisiała-Cedro likes to browse Cookidoo® as well as her favorite cookbooks and gets inspired by the recipes there for her own creations.

Germany – Guten Appetit!

“I love my kitchen because it’s our family gathering place and our day starts and ends together here.”

Daniela Di Nardo 

Favorite dish: Tomato garlic pasta

49-year-old Daniela Di Nardo gets the best ideas for new dishes when she has to prepare something spontaneously from the ingredients she has on hand at the moment – so every dish has its own story to tell.

“I love my kitchen because it’s exactly how I have always wanted it to be: a cozy place to have a chat while cooking and eating.”

Petra Schmutzler 

Favorite dish: Any meal that includes potatoes and any type of casserole (and also includes potatoes)

Petra Schmutzler (69) is not only inspired to create new dishes by Cookidoo®, but also by very old recipes, which she then prepares for her Thermomix®.

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