Kobold – Sharing Tasks

The Princess
and the Kobold

Once upon a time ... imagine a Kobold Robot Vacuum Cleaner already existed back then. So much would have turned out differently. An enchanting story about clever distribution of labor.

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Talking of task sharing …

Cook or

Your place or mine? That was once the most important question between a woman and a man. But in our brave new world, we don’t just share the joys of life, we share the household chores, too. Now faced with options like cooking or ironing, vacuuming or cleaning the bathroom, men feel they are having to choose between plague and cholera. We know this because according to a recent international survey, from Australia to the Netherlands, France to Canada and Finland to Germany, the male of the species prefers to take a back seat when it comes to housework – shame on you, men! Italian men, in particular, are reluctant to lend their bella donna a hand. On the other hand, though, Italy does have the best food. Anyone see a connection there?

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