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In the Thermomix® community, people from all over the world share their enthusiasm, their passion and their favorite recipes. We bring you three amateur chefs and their online channels.

When People share their kitchen with others, they have more fun. That’s because cooking brings people together and thanks to the Internet, we can bring the whole world to the Thermomix® – to chat, snack and experiment. The culinary voyage of discovery is twice as enjoyable if you share it with others instead of going it alone. And that’s exactly what the international Thermomix® community is all about. Members not only share excellent taste but also a love of cooking. Thermomix® fans from all over the world meet up on Internet plat- forms and on the social web and share their passion, show each other their favorite recipes and take a look together beyond their personal culinary horizons. Some members are so active that Vorwerk calls them “Community Stars” and offers them every support. We paid a visit to their kitchens and they told us all about themselves and what they love about Thermomix®.

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“At the moment, my favorite recipe is the frango sentado, ‘sitting chicken’, that we’ve recently been enjoying at home quite often.”

How did you come to Thermomix®?
My first Bimby (as the Thermomix® is called in Portugal) was a birthday gift from my mother. My kids were only small then, and she wanted to save me time and effort in the kitchen. And it really worked! At the moment, I have a TM31 and a TM5 that I use almost every day – sometimes even at the same time.

Can you describe the Thermomix® in three words?
I would even describe it in one word: ally. The Thermomix® is my greatest ally in the kitchen. But I can easily name two more: versatile and irreplaceable!

Which of the Thermomix® functions is your favorite?
I actually like all of the functions, but being able to cook in a pyramid is what I like best.

Why do you share your content online?
We all learn by sharing our experiences. In the Thermomix® community, we discuss all kinds of things, tell each other about recipes we’ve tried and how they worked out, and that way we get the best out of our appliances. That way, cooking is even more fun. I started posting my experiences and my recipes online in September 2017 – in the Facebook group Bimby, sem limites! (No-limits Bimby!). I also post my experiences and published recipes on Mundo de Receitas Bimby, the Portuguese Thermomix® recipe world.

How would you describe Portuguese cooking to an alien from outer space?
The aromas in traditional Portuguese cooking remind us of our roots. The consistency of the foods is gentle on the stomach and their aromas are balm to the soul. Their colors adorn our table and invite us to share a meal, conversations and life with our friends and family.

Community Star /
Anita Cruz

Occupation /

Town /
Coimbra, Portugal

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“Ice cream is my favorite Thermomix® creation. It’s a taste of dolce vita, no matter where you live.”

Why did you start using the Thermomix®?
A relation gave me one as a gift. Now I use it every day and always prefer to cook with the Thermomix®.

Do you remember the first Thermomix® creation you were proud of?
Yes, it was a chocolate liqueur I made about 15 years ago.

Can you describe the Thermomix® in three words?
Simple, fast, perfect.

What is your favorite Thermomix® recipe?
I really like making ice cream, but the dough mode is also great for me because I frequently bake pizza bread and panettone.

How do you share your content online?
Via Instagram. I post pictures of all the food I cook and the ingredients there. I really enjoy taking appealing photos of good, tasty food, sharing them online and waiting for reactions. For me, the Thermomix® community is like a group of friends who share ideas, tips and a whole lot more.

Which Thermomix® recipes would the Thermomix® fans in your country enjoy most?
Definitely cupcakes!

How would you describe Italian cooking to a being from outer space?
My country’s food is diverse and colorful. For me, it tastes and smells of home.

Community Star /
Salvatore „Salvo“ Baglieri

Occupation /

City /
London, Great Britain (originally from Sicily)

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Followers /
15 800


“Right from the start, I loved the carrot spread, especially with homemade bread.”

When did you start using the Thermomix®?  
I bought myself a TM31 in 2009 after seeing it in action at a trade fair. They were baking bread rolls at the Thermomix® stand and serving them with a delicious carrot spread. That’s what got me hooked! I have always enjoyed baking bread and rolls, but they were never really tasty. The prospect of being able to knead dough easily with the Thermomix, without too much physical effort, also helped make up my mind!

Do you remember the first Thermomix® creation you were proud of?
The first loaves I made turned out so well that I ended up baking them all the time. I soon had so many that I started giving them away. But I also loved the tomato soup made with fresh tomatoes from the start. Mmmm, gorgeous!

How did you start sharing Thermomix® content online?
I’ve always been a keen photographer. At some point I started snapping my yummy creations and sharing the photos with my friends. They usually ended up asking for the recipes to go with them, and that’s how I had the idea of publishing both on a blog. At the time, I never thought I would someday reach so many people with them.

What makes the Thermomix® community special for you?
Everyone here wants the same thing: to cook tasty meals with their Thermomix® and make their families happy. You often hear users saying that they only learned to cook and to enjoy cooking once they owned a Thermomix.

Which recipes do German Thermomix® fans like best?
Bread recipes always go down very well. According to my blog statistic, the yoghurt crust loaf places first, followed by zucchini rolls. But the garlic cream is also very popular.

Community Star /
Iris Korsmeier

Occupation /
Nursery school teacher

Town /
Bönen, Deutschland

Shares on /

Recipes published /

Followers /
94 931


Questions for Zuzana Latanikova

What do you do in the mornings?

Once I’m up, I take a look online to see what our Community Star groups are doing. Their positive attitude and enthusiasm give me a real kick and get my day off to a good start.

What exactly does your job entail?

It’s a mixture of office work, travel and events. I spend most of my day communicating with community managers from different countries.

How would you describe the Thermomix® community?

It’s incredibly big and there’s an extraordinary enthusiasm there for our product! What fascinates me most, though, is how different our members are: We have all kinds of people, from mothers, gourmets, seniors, and vegans to meat lovers. There’s room for everyone here. It’s their love of cooking that brings all of these people together.

What differences have you noticed between individual countries?

All of the Thermomix® communities in the various countries have a distinct mentality of their own. In one country, people are more pragmatic, perhaps, in another, more emotional. What connects them is their shared passion.

What do you best like making in the Thermomix®?

Bread. I’m from Czechia. Bread is a staple there, and I prefer to eat homemade rather than store-bought bread.

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