JAFRA – Sharing Independence

A Great Shared Success

Gloria González has been an independent Consultant for JAFRA Cosmetics in Mexico for many years. She shares her experience with some other entrepreneurs there and creates prospects. By working for their own account, the women gain greater independence.

Gloria González divulges the secret to her success in the first sentence of her talk: “Be patient, hard-working and committed.” With that motto, the 64-year-old Mexican with the flawless makeup has come far in life – from homemaker and mother in the town of Saltillo in the northern Mexican desert to successful manager and entrepreneur. She has raised five children, and all of them have studied – thanks to the direct selling organization of JAFRA, the Vorwerk Group’s cosmetics brand. González has been using JAFRA products for 40 years herself and sold them first to her family and then through a team of independent JAFRA Consultants. The 15 women listening to her this morning are keen to emulate her success. González gives them plenty of support, sharing sales tips with them, for example: Makeup parties and short-term special offers, says the seasoned businesswoman, are all part of the standard repertoire.

“We Latinas simply love to always look our most attractive. The last thing we save on is makeup and personal hygiene.”

“Be patient, hard-working and committed.”

“It makes me happy to see how these women progress and are able to make dreams come true.”

From a love of the products to a great business

“We Latinas simply love to always look our most attractive. The last thing we save on is makeup and personal hygiene,” says González. The market is booming, and perfumes in particular are big sellers in Mexico. There are around 500 000 independent JAFRA Consultants in the country, many of whom come from humble backgrounds and look after the home. Maria del Carmen Donias is one such homemaker; working as an employee with fixed hours is out of the question for the mother of two young children. But being able to freely dispose of her time and earn some extra income to make her a little less dependent on her husband is a tempting proposition for her. Donias has completed a cosmetics course and is a satisfied JAFRA customer. “That’s why I took the leap and became an independent Consultant three months ago,” says the 28-year-old, while sitting as a model to demonstrate the products to others. She earns between 100 and 200 euros a month selling cosmetics. For Mexico, that’s quite a tidy sum of extra income. “With it, I can throw a family party, buy clothes for the children or save a little,” she says.



Happiness shared is happiness doubled

And there’s something else that motivates Donias: the prospect of receiving a grant from the JAFRA Foundation to help pay for her children’s school fees. At present, some 500 children of JAFRA Consultants all over Mexico benefit from this extra support, which amounts to roughly 45 euros a month. González regularly donates a portion of her commission to the foundation. “Things like this are a huge motivation for the Consultants,” she says. The same applies to incentive schemes and trips abroad. Thanks to JAFRA Direct Sales Program, Consultants can take a trip to the beach or even have a car. González recalls one woman who began selling cosmetics behind her domineering husband’s back. Now she is one of the most successful Consultants and has traveled with JAFRA in the USA and Europe. “It makes me happy to see how these women progress and are able to make dreams come true,” says González. Should the job ever become too much for her – a scenario that presently appears to be highly unlikely – her daughter Mariana is already standing by to take over. “We contribute to Mexico’s development,” says the 41-year-old marketing expert proudly. “When women are financially successful and can pay for a better education for their children, it raises the whole family’s standard of living.”

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