We are what we drink. A bold theory this, but the truth of it can be tested every morning at the office. Keep a look out to see who picks which Temial tea for a stimulating start to the day ...

Apple Tea

for Nature Lovers

Nature lovers shoulder their backpack and whiz over to the office on their bicycle. A quick change of clothes and it’s straight to the tea kitchen. There, they turn their attention to preparing themselves an apple tea in the Temial tea maker. Thirst-quenching and with a great fruity taste, this is the perfect tea for a fresh, fruity start to the working day.

Earl Grey

for Adventurers

Adventurers are the first to turn up at the office in the morning and see to their Earl Grey. The way it releases its color and aroma is always an experience. The sophisticated combination of fine black tea and lively bergamot produces a flavor worth rediscovering every day. And while adventurers enjoy their brew, the certainty grows that today everything is going to be done differently!

Bai Mu Dan

for Practical Types

A white tea that practical types appreciate. While booting up their computer, they use the app to switch on the Temial tea maker. As the Bai Mu Dan steeps, practical types run a quick update. They have everything under control and their appointments for the next four weeks in their head. No surprises – not even when it comes to tea! That floral character – thanks to the traditional picking of two leaves and a bud – classic!

Red Rooibos

for Dreamers

Oh, a vacation would be so great right now! Sunshine, some place exotic, South Africa. And while the dreamer’s thoughts wander, the red rooibos releases its full flavor. It’s as red as the sunset and tastes as gentle as a summer breeze. The perfect tea to set the mood for a busy working day.

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