“What’s the mushroom risotto doing under the couch?”

Conscientious, finicky, straitlaced – a proper little pedant ...

Was the party yesterday a good one? Did the host impress everyone with his inspired conversation? That’s good then. Although some might see it a little differently. Our household appliances, for example. You see, they have feelings, too. Just imagine what these household helpers might think of us …

KOBOLD: A real letdown, those worn-out men’s shoes.

THERMOMIX®: How on earth did you get on to men’s shoes?

KOBOLD: It’s always the same at parties with lots of guests. From where I’m standing, all I can see is legs – and unfortunately also the master’s scruffy shoes.

THERMOMIX®: I prefer to look him and his guests in the face. Yesterday, one woman beamed at me and stroked me with her sensitive hands, like a pianist stroking the piano keys. We caused quite a stir.

KOBOLD: And what was the result?

THERMOMIX®: A delicious mushroom risotto!

KOBOLD: Quite so, I can feel it right now. Chanterelles. Delightful! And right here under the couch. Oops, what’s this? Oh, of course – another shoe.

THERMOMIX®: Are you suddenly having problems with things that get left lying around?

KOBOLD: Just the question makes me mad. You know I can glide over parquet, granite and carpet, and clean everything up – I simply go around the shoe.

THERMOMIX®: You and his shoes ...

KOBOLD: You know I’m right! The guy treats himself to a dream pair like us – we’re like Starsky and Hutch, always there when we’re needed – and then he goes and wears shoes like that. There’s nothing dreamy about that pair. It makes no sense!

THERMOMIX®: Yes, it’s a shame, considering he’s otherwise so nice. We had great fun together recently. We made an exquisite coq au vin …

KOBOLD: ... I remember. There was quite a bit of it on our lovely floor until I came along polished it all off.

THERMOMIX®: You were smacking your chops, I heard you!

KOBOLD: I have to admit, it really was delicious.

THERMOMIX®: So all good them! My sophisticated creation – definitely starworthy, wouldn’t you agree ...

KOBOLD: Well, he certainly can cook, our master …

THERMOMIX®: I can cook!!!

– Thermomix® ends the chat. –

KOBOLD: YOU! Of course, sorry ...



Really Smart: Kobold and Thermomix®

Home, smart home!

The world is rapidly becoming interconnected. Thanks to the Internet of Things, we can already enjoy digital services that make our life with analogue objects easier – like remotely closing windows or adjusting the heating. With apps and a smartphone, these are no longer a problem. Now Kobold and Thermomix® are getting in on the act in a big way.

Via app and smartphone,

tablet or voice command, once activated, the Kobold Robot Vacuum Cleaner knows what’s to be done. All by itself or by remote control, it gets started on the cleaning. Sensors lead the way. The robot recognizes edges, thresholds, furniture and other obstacles and makes its way right into the last corner. When its battery is low, it automatically heads back to the base station to recharge.

The kitchen helper

Thermomix® turns cooking into a digital pleasure. The recipe platform Cookidoo contains countless recipes for tasty meals soon likely to become favorites. The Cook-Key transmits your favorite recipes via Wi-Fi straight from the platform to the Thermomix® TM5. Select the guided cooking function and simply follow each step of the preparation process shown on the display until the dish is ready to enjoy.

What could this mean for the future?

One thing is certain, that things are becoming smarter and more interconnected. Could it someday be possible for the Thermomix® to inform the Kobold immediately if something is spilled while food is being prepared? The robot vacuum would then come over and clean up straight away. The answer is yes, Thermomix® and Kobold could one day communicate with each other, but it’s unlikely the “conversation” would be quite like the one we dreamed up here …

Always makes things go smoothly and really mixes things up at a party – definitely enjoys life to the full ...